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I am a floral artist first by passion and second by profession. My floral arrangements are a result of the combined inspiration of my surroundings and my feelings, as a result of which every creation is very dear to my heart. The arrangements I created for this project have each been inspired by well-loved crockery sets in our household. After studying the sets for a time, I picked out the statement elements from each and translated them into floral pieces that spoke strongly to me. My family, too, immediately and correctly matched each of my arrangements to the corresponding sets without seeing them side by side, which I took as a great source of satisfaction!

The blue and white plate is from the formal crockery set my mother gifted me in my wedding trousseau. The red tulip plate is from what is perhaps my personal favourite; I selected it myself from my hometown in Punjab, again right before my wedding. Both of these sets were bought from an established home store which, in my opinion, still sells the most stylish and durable crockery around. The proof here is in the pudding - After almost 30 years of daily use, they still look fabulous! The other two sets were passed down from aunts and cousins and the like, and together all of them make up the foundation for happy, hearty memories in our home.

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