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Tea Party Time

Angelica Marchi x Patricia Marchi

I could see the way she smiled at me whilst carefully, started cleaning every dust mote that was formed during the time they were sleeping, and maybe sobbing, because no soul considered them for any lunch, dinner nor even a breakfast.

But today was one of those days…

The day I revive with emotion my happy living memory, my afternoon tea party.

When I was little I remember being the only child, and playing for hours by myself. I longed for my mother to come home from work, so she could finally play “tea cups” with me, at least that was the name I gave to the game at the time.

She was never tired or too occupied to play with me, and I always remember how happy I felt. We would fill the tiny toy cups with some water and emulate the enjoyment of the imaginary flavours of the tea, and then laugh.

I quickly run to help my mom with the dishes, and then together we unpacked the special plates she has been collecting and saving for years.

We filled every plate with floral ornaments with few delicious and delicate cakes mom made for the occasion.

I, then, asked her: -“To what do we owe the pleasure of this Tea Party?”

And then she smiled and said -“nothing, I just like to play “tea cups” with my daughter.”

Then we both remembered for a second with a bit of nostalgia, and a lot of happiness.

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